EQUALLYY is South East Asia's premier, social and collaborative self learning & tutoring platform – making education available and accessible to everybody

Our mission is to enable access to the highest quality possible education for everyone who wants to learn and educate themselves regardless of their socioeconomic status using the disruptive powers of technology.

We want to enhance social mobility, promote equality and level the playing field for those who want to advance in life.

We are a committed team with members from Thailand, Vietnam, and Europe, based in Bangkok and Hanoi.

We believe that education should be affordable and accessible for everyone who aspires to learn, we therefore create an education eco system that at its core build on consistency, honesty, reliability and non-discrimination. We are committed to do our part to improve lives and level the playing field for everyone.


At EQUALLYY we have understood that learning is never a one size fits all solution. Therefore we are building a whole education ecosystem that is neither a static construct nor does it try to find a compromise for everyone. EQUALLYY is specifically tuned and customized to your learning journey - from design, over content to functionalities. As you grow through your academic career EQUALLYY will grow with you and be a reliable partner.

We also believe that learning and making experience should be fun. The EQUALLYY ecosystem/ platform offers a variety of features around gamification, collaboration and to engage you and your friends.

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