This is you…

sweating over the prep for your chemistry test tomorrow – about a topic that you haven’t even understood when the teacher explained it in class.

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no problem. Instead of going through 100 youtube videos and reading tons of docs on google you just hop on Equallyy and get the videos, working sheets, flash cards and detailed practice exams tailored to your topic and grade.

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All you need to do...

now is go through your personal playlist created by us – easy as that. Not sure you got it right? Chat with your class mates who are sweating just as you are. Together you can also invite a tutor to understand even toughest theories and concepts.

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Be sure that...

you will make Einstein status tomorrow as you pass our quizzes and practice exams – so you will definitely rest easy and might even have time left to chill with your friends.

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you just got the best grade of your life.

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